Saturday, December 1, 2007

The Zeboolar Poem

The Zeboolar Poem
By Paul DiLillo aka PaulieWalnuts


Where 4, one & one-half inch drywall screws, stripped and rolling around in a chipped, coffee stained saucer, on a out-of-level. 3-legged dining room table, held up with a fuzz stuck roll of duct tape. A half eat’n lime Life-Savor® with an old and chewed, soiled and hairy, hardened piece of pink faded Bazooka® bubble gum, with moldy teeth marks from 1969.

Thank yee……. all yee citizens of planet ZEBOOLAR, zodiac zen10.

I, in flat-footed fins, of fine flaming flamingo flannel scales, FLAGELLATE!…. FLAGELLATE! And speak no utter protuberance of tonguely canine toilet licks. Unless beef tongue at the MAD COW caffe’n delicatessen in, not “Sex ‘n the City,” but “Sex’n the Jungle.” Near the hyena crossing custard on the cannoli camels from croquet crusted coitus casseroles. Then introduce and project the following MONKEY POX’n Holy socks, Molly rocks and volley jocks.

Hear ye……… hear ye…. hark! Inform thee friend and foe a like, of nothing caviar munchies. For I may haven’t eat’n, stale and salty. Peppery and parsnippley, oily’n orchid sardines with made-up words describing and run-on sentences building by bleeding my cuticles of North Calabash, Colorado, on a crispy cookie-cutter, crumb cake, corn flake, corn meal cob day.

Behold! ….PeoBBles of kinky, cartoon Bird-dropping Love, Bird Flu lust and baboon bile biscuits. With lavender license and lavatory licorice. Hairless brow and CHINNY CHIN CHIN! What reasons this degreed dog of dogma? Bob Costas of the Olympic Oprah, with bloody Olive branch back-scratchier and copper medalist muggers. LUGE… LUGE… lickety split. Loopinstein…. Loopinstein losers last no more! Unless Larhtar lipids?

Ahhhh…. ha ha ha!……. Putti lupini, (poot-tee loop-eeny) Federico Fellini...Judy booty....a meanie!.... It’s been won! Been smelted down. Been, been…. Remolded, Reeses’ Peanut Butter Cup® chosen. Eat’n at last! Eat’n… a blast! The prize of the mostess that one could be the HOSTESS, the one that BOASTED then POSTED. The candy, the handy, the dandy, the randy…,the sandy and the zandy. All bow before the food nectar of the Gods of… ZEBOOLAR…zodiac….zen10. FLAGELLATE! ……FLAGELLATE!
Inhale…..feline! Inhale! Kitty peeee kielbasa. Breathe life! Breathe life! Breathe smelly fishy! Feline! I accept!…I accept!…No, no, ..Give it to her…I think? ……YES!

I am, is just thee, Peppy le Pew! Prepee the few! “Mon prix est son prix et votre prix aussi! “Mon petite minet d’amour…..d’ amour, d’amour… villain de fille, de fille!”…“ah huh!”

“My prize is her prize and your prize too!” “My stinky little, tiny, love…love, love kitty, girl!” “Ah… huh!”

By Paul DiLillo aka PaulieWalnuts
Copyright © 2006-2007

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