Saturday, October 8, 2011


Looking for the next cool idea that will rock our world. Perusing Google Patents, not patents by or for them but just access to all US patents, I realized how many stupid and silly things people have patents on. Good, REALLY GOOD, ideas are one-in-a-million and then all the hundreds of copycats that follow. Steve Jobs was not one-in-a-million he was one-in-a-billion! He seemed to be clothed in a mantra of simplicity. Apple® products, design wise anyway, seem to have Minimalism in it’s “Hard Drive.” So, all you “wanna be” inventors out there, study Jobs and KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID!

My favorite stupid, fictitious idea is the street, pothole repair product kit that uses previously chewed chewing gum as the main ingredient in a tar-based mix with various aggregate. City sidewalks will thank you. Wrigley’s and Bazooka are “bubble-crack’n their chew as we speak! Great, so I guess on really hot days the streets are randomly dotted with huge unpopable bubbles that stick to car’s tires resembling the “Gumshoe” syndrome! Great Idea…Einstein!

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