Friday, November 2, 2007

Horatio Magellan Crunch, aka "Cap' N Crunch®"

One of three '80's commercials I worked on for the animation house Sinnott & Associates, Chicago- Quaker Oats®.


Kevin said...

I remember working on that commercial too. Hey Paul, it's Kevin O'Neil, out in LA. Ahh, those days at Sinnott and Kinetics.


Paul P. DiLillo said...

Hey Kevin! Been a long time! What.... 20 years? I got balder, lol! There are more Crunch videos on YouTube that we worked on too, but wow, they seem like ancient kineoscope! Speaking of those "old days" I still see Joe C.. Helene, Dava, Ron and George, maybe once or twice a year. Jim S. too! Steve K. is in Hallmark. Sorry I didn't write ya sooner, just noticed your comment. You're the first!


Susan said...

Hey, I remember inking and painting that commercial--all that white paint was a bitch! Sorry to hear about your stroke, Paul, but I hope you're doing better. Remember my impression of Steve King? Ha!


Paul P. DiLillo said...

Hi Susa, I'm do'n ok! The stroke happened in 2001. Anyway, I do remember your Steve-O King-O impression, lol! That was a fun group, remember my "GOLD STARS?" Denise fired me cuz I wouldn't give her any! haha!